Friday, November 2, 2012

Warm and Cozy

Hello All:

I am a diehard crafter and love what I do.  I want to share with my fellow crafters the chance to show off your incredible handmade gift items.  Please add a picture of 1(one) item with a title and link to that item and not your shop.  Lets show the world what awesome handmade and handcrafted gifts there are!

This first one is for anything that gives you a warm and cozy feeling.  With the cold weather fast approaching we  can all use some.    Please link one item per shop only as any more items will be deleted.  If you require more information then please contact me at - .  The first one is mine!


  1. Thank you for such a wonderful promotion!

  2. Linkys are a lot of fun! I have a monthly one at my blog (
    I would add something to yours, but I sadly don't have anything that fits in the "clothing/accessories that keep 'em warm" category. Maybe next time around.
    How often will you be doing these?

  3. What a great idea, thank you! I feature a new shop each week on my blog, please stop by & fill out the application. I'd be happy to feature your items!