Friday, February 8, 2013

Snow Day! What to Do Now?

I see that many Canadian provinces and US states have been hit very hard with this big snow storm.  Do you have a day off due to the weather?  Let's see what is out there to keep you and the kids busy the next time you are stuck at home!

Kit Book Pendant   Pendant Book Kit

 Childrens Bracelet Kit  Childrens Easy Bracelet Kit

The Fungus Amoung Us... Terrarium Kit With Miniature Glow in the Dark Mushrooms, Live moss terrarium Kit Handmade By Gypsy Raku  Terrarium Kit With Miniature Glow in the Dark Mushrooms

pink adjustable string bracelet kit 1024  pink adjustable string bracelet kit

Rug Hooking Beginner Kit--learn to hook rugs--everything included  Rug Hooking Beginner Kit

Fairy House Kit - with Flower Fairy  Fairy House Kit - with Flower Fairy

House Iris Folding Kit  House Iris Folding Kit

18th Century Stick Weaving Kit  18th Century Stick Weaving Kit

Heart brooch kit.... brass zipper and two ready cut hearts...your choice of color.  Heart brooch kit

3D Alloy purple gold rhinestone rose phone deco kit  3D Alloy rhinestone rose phone deco kit

Polymer Clay Ladybug Necklace DIY  Polymer Clay Ladybug Necklace DIY

Luxe DOG Leash Kit with (12) Twelve Patterns  . . . DIY. . . Unique, Colorful, and Strong . . . EVERYTHING included  DOG Leash Kit with (12) Twelve Patterns



  1. What a great assortment!
    Thanks for featuring our House Iris Folding Kit!

  2. Great idea! With all that snow, the kids will start to go stir-crazy. Thank you so much for including my ladybug necklace kit. I really appreciate that. I have shared and tweeted with the entire Internet :) Thank you again, Jilly - Julie and Blu

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