Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy International Women's Day!

This is the day that we celebrate who we are!  The theme this year is "Enough Is Enough".  I found this article on the web that explains it very well -

"THE THEME of International Women's Day today is the prevention of violence against women. The UN estimates that more than two-thirds of women and girls across the world have experienced sexual or physical violence. UN executive director for women Michelle Bachelet says: "This year, we say enough is enough. Discrimination and violence against women and girls has no place in the 21st century."

So lets get out there and support each other.  Lets end the discrimination and violence against us and give our daughters a better place to be.

Most of the shops I feature in my blog posts are businesses solely operated by women.  Whether they are working, retired or stay-at-home moms, many are women struggling to make ends meet.  Please go through my posts again and buy something handmade today! 

Notable Twitter Quotes -

Ernst & Young@EYnews
While notable progress has been made toward gender equality, much more remains to be done:
Women's Day 2013@womensday
"Happy International Women's Day" is right now. Voice of women can not be ignored - anywhere, anytime, anymore - ever!
Toronto DSB@tdsb
Today is International Women’s Day. Let’s remember & honour all the great women we know in our lives and from throughout history
Women's Day 2013@womensday
India's President stresses importance of safety & security of women, & world based on gender equality & justice
Women's Day 2013@womensday
UK leads the way as No.1 in events alongside US, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, INDIA. Celebrate or call for action!


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